Pertubuhan Kebajikan Perlindungan Jothi Viyasan. (Orphanage Home) Registration number: (PPM-014-05-23102017)

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As the year going to end, Let’s together Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right. May the Year 2019 Bring For You, Happiness, Success And Filled With Peace, Hope & Togetherness Of Your Life. Life was tough indeed and filled with ups and down. I’m Latha from Pertubuhan Kebajikan Perlindungan Jothi Viyasan Negeri Sembilan. Would like to raise funds for our students at our home as the school are starting soon. Studies are very important part of every students. It helps them to gain knowledge or learning. I wish that each and every students in our home can gain some knowledge by your helps. We Pertubuhan Kebajikan Perlindungan Jothi Viyasan Negeri Sembilan having total of 33 kindergarten, primary and secondary students. They are 16 primary students, 12 secondary students, 3 OKU students and 2 kindergarten students. We are raising funds to pay and buy their registration fees, school attire and some stationeries from their school book shop. Account number: CIMB Bank : 8009757238 (Pertubuhan Kebajikan Perlindungan Jothi Viyasan Negeri Sembilan)
Contact number: Ms. Latha- 0102120415 or Karpagam- 0146620072
Address: No 735, Jalan Temiang, Kampung Bukit Jong,70200, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.