In the year 2006, we started with a small group of gathering among the Maintenance Manager, Chief Engineer and the Director of Engineering to discussed about the issues that we are facing in the hotel’s industry especially in the Engineering department where we had lot of challenges as the properties are aging. Our intention for the gathering is to sharing our Problem Experiences, Best Practices, Fire Life Safety, Sustainable Energy, Green Initiatives, Environmental Protection and Information of New Technologies.

Hotels are operates 24/7 with much more extensive and demanding as we are here to ensure that all the systems of the building continue to working and well maintained. The role and mandate of any property’s engineering department is not only to protect the building’s/owner’s assets but also to establish and implement program and best practices to eliminate energy waste, conserve energy and water use in the Hotels. This includes the electrical transformers and the distribution throughout, the domestic water distribution and sewage, the heating-ventilation-air conditioning system, (HVAC), the fire alarm system and fire safety components, the vertical transportation system (elevators), the property surroundings like parking and landscaping and even pest control. Utility management such as electricity, fuel, steam and water for kitchen and laundry equipment, lighting, sound systems and so on and on. Without minimizing the contribution of other departments, of which there may be as many as five or more, the bottom line is if no Engineering department, there is no hotel.

As the group is expanding from year to year and now with more than 150 leaders across the country especially in the hotel industry who’s joining the chat, we had formed an association and officially registered on 8 September 2016.


James Au
Chairman for Malaysia Hotel Engineers Association