Membership Requirements

1. Membership is open to all Malaysian citizens aged 25 years old and above regardless of gender, race, religion and nation in Malaysia.

2. Type Membership is as follows:
a) Individuals who are working at least Managerial level in any Hotel’s industry in Engineering, Maintenance, Project and Construction or
b) Individuals who qualified as an Electrical Chargeman (any category) in under the Electricity Supply Act or
c) Individuals who have a certificate of competency in any Engineering discipline or Maintenance academic qualifications or any Graduate Engineers from the Institution of Engineers/ Board of Engineers, Malaysia. Individuals who possess competency certificate under the Factories and Machinery Act or such other similar qualification or
d) Individuals who have a recognized certificate/ diploma in the field of engineering in any local or private institution with at least 10 years of working experience.

3. Every application for membership shall complete the prescribed form and submit to the Secretary of the Association for approval within 14 days.

4. The Committee may in its discretion refuse any application without giving any reason.

5. Every applicant whose application has been approved as aforesaid shall pay the registration and annual fee.

6. Any university or college students are not allowed to be a member of the Association unless it has exceeded the requirements age and been authorized in writing by University’s Vice Chancellor.

Registration & Annual Fees

1. The registration fee and the annual fee to be paid as follows:
a) Registration fees: RM 100 (Ringgit Malaysia of One Hundred only).
b) Annual fee: RM 80 (Ringgit Malaysia eighty only) and RM20 (Ringgit Malaysia twenty only) for membership card.
c) Life Time members fee for age 65 years old and above: RM 300 (Ringgit Malaysia Three Hundred only) One time pay off + RM 100 (Ringgit Malaysia of One Hundred only) registration fee plus RM20 (Ringgit Malaysia twenty only) for membership card.

2. The annual fee shall be paid to the Treasurer within seven (7) days in advance from the beginning of every year. Members who allows his arrears for more than 2 days after the expiration date will receive a reminder letter signed by the secretary or deputy secretary and will lose its privileges as a member until the debt has been settled.

3. Members who have not paid their fees will receive a reminder letter signed by Secretary or deputy secretary, and its privileges as a member until his outstanding fees have been explained.

4. Members who leave the debt by more than the amount of the fee for three (3) weeks can be acted upon by the Committee thereafter will be cease to be a member of organization and his/ her position may order that legal action be taken against him, provided they are satisfied that it has received a statement of his debts.

5. The Committee has the authority to revise the annual fees for re-entry for those who allow their membership to lapse.

6. Special subscriptions or levies from members of the certain things can be collected on approval of the Annual General Meeting of members. If there are member fails to pay the fee within the stipulated time frame, then the money will be considered as in arrears.

7. Any Member who fails to comply with the Constitution of the Organization or act in a way that would defame the organization can be expelled or suspended its membership for a period of time deemed reasonable by the Committee. Before the Committee dismiss or suspend the membership of the Member, the Member shall be informed of the reasons for dismissal or suspension in writing. The Member shall also be given the opportunity to explain and defend himself. Termination or suspension shall be implemented unless the general meeting to defer or cancel the decision on appeal by the said member.